Monday, March 15, 2010

Mama's Boy

Another movie with Napoleon Dynamite. He's made enough movies now I guess I should stop referring to him as Napoleon Dynamite, and call him Jon Heder. But.... I'll just keep calling him Napoleon.

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Napoleon is living with his mom in a nice little California suburb. They play scrabble and go to put-put golf on the weekend. It's a perfect relationship. The only thing is that momma isn't some old, tired smothering type mom. She's a pretty active and sexually frustrated lady. Her son, on the other hand, seems to be a 29 year old man-child who is trying to be an astronomer, and doesn't get any "special" feelings when he's near a girl. In fact, if you thought Napoleon was kind of a dick in his first movie, he's a downright dick with a capital DICK in this movie. He's selfish, childish, and speaks like he learned how to talk from reading Lord of the Rings.
When his mom falls for Jeff Daniels, Napoleon is determined to keep his sweet life. So through several delightful montages of trying to sabotage each other, everything somehow works out in the end.

So Napoleon is a dick. Just to get that straight in case you didn't catch it before. He's a dick. But he's such a little hissy-fit throwing nerd it's kind of funny. So even though I was hoping to hell his mom would throw his ass out of the house, I didn't want him to die. Is that fair?
At least he looks less pathetic than in Napoleon Dynamite. Observe:

I'll say it's an improvement. Just a little haircut and contact lenses. Here. Look at another person that has changed over time:


FINAL SCORE- Two and a half bottles of beer on the wall.

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