Monday, March 15, 2010

Drillbit Taylor

Ok, so our first review here is Drillbit Taylor. I don't think this is going to bring any immediate fans to this site, unless you are hardcore Owen Wilson fans.

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The kids from Superbad are back. Only this time, they are younger and look different. They are going to a more dangerous school and this time... they're pissed!
They get their asses kicked by some extremely threatening, crazy-eyed kid who seems on the verge of murder. So to survive, they hire a bodyguard. The bodyguard looks a lot like Owen Wilson, and sometimes even acts like him. Wilson is a homeless guy who, through loving shenanigans and lying, saves the kids and gets the girl who puked on the 40 year old virgin.

I thought this was an ok movie. Owen Wilson is funny in 90% of the stuff he's in, so unless you don't really like him, it's easy enough to watch and get some laughs. The kids work well together. The only thing is that in this movie, McLovin is a freaky looking little boy who may well have been the inspiration for this...


The bad kid (who I can't be bothered to look up his name) is really bad. The only thing is that the school staff and parents are so stupid and out of it that somehow they ALL seem to agree that this bully is really an ok kid, and the three boys getting bullied are really the cause of all the trouble. I know that if the bully was kicked out of school or sent to juvie, the movie would be over. But come on. I can't stand it when characters have to be blatantly stupid just to help a story progress.

There are the requisite sappy points in the story, the points of self-realization and becoming "a man!!!" which every Hollywood movie has to include so that parents feel there is a plus to using movies as a babysitter for their kids.

FINAL SCORE - Two bottles of beer on the wall

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