Monday, March 15, 2010


So here we are. One of the biggest blockbuster movies last year. There was so much hype I had to see it.

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Juno is a look inside the private life of that newspaper editor from Spiderman. For some reason, it mainly focuses on his daughter, who ends up getting pregnant after trying something called sex. Juno, oddly enough, is her name. She decides to give the baby up for adoption to Alias and Jason Batemen. The whole movie shows us what it's like to live in America.

When I watched Juno, I really liked it. Ellen Page (see, I looked up a name this time) is very charismatic. She's likable in a hateable sort of way. There are a lot of funny lines in the film, and it's got not only that guy from Spiderman, but that kid from Superbad as well (unfortunately not McLovin). Jason Batemen and Alias are both good in the movie too. So overall, I liked it.

But then I started thinking about it more and more. Juno is about 16 I think, but she's one of those movie kids that always has a smart remark, who is into some kind of music or comics or movies and knows A LOT about the subject, and who has a lot of "quirky" little ... quirks. For example, she eats lunch with her friend in the school's trophy case, and all I kept thinking was "how does that lunch tray not just slide right off her pregnant lap?"

Also, her parents are WAY too understanding. I think in real life, that Spiderman guy would have gotten really upset, thrown his heart pills all over the floor and fired Juno.
To make matters worse, the writer of this movie is some hipster/stripper/Cleopatra chick named Diablo Cody. The only person with that kind of name should look like this...

I've ranted quite a bit, but honestly, I still did quite like the movie. The Superbad kid is great every second he's on screen, which is only about 150 seconds for some reason, and 10 of those seconds involve him rubbing speed stick on his thighs. If you can get past the hipster "I'm a super cool and smart and smart-assy 16 year old", then you'll probably enjoy this movie.

FINAL SCORE - Three bottles of beer on the wall

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