Monday, March 15, 2010

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With

I want someone to eat cheese with. Hmm... It's a long name. I had the feeling that this name was chosen specifically because it's too long to be a proper movie title. I had seen a preview of this movie, and some of the jokes had cracked me up a bit. So, I gave it a go.

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Apparently in Chicago there is a thriving actors scene. I always thought Chicago was famous for hot dogs or something. The story is about a 39 year old fat guy who is also a 39 year old fat comedian. He likes to eat junk food on his car (yes, on) at midnight and he lives with his mother. Ok, so he's pretty pathetic. But wait! On the upside, he loves a movie called "Marty", which I've never seen and I'm guessing most people under 50 have never seen either. So we feel connected to this guy. Really connected, through the love of a movie we've never watched.
Eventually he meets a girl in an ice cream shop who seems to be just too outgoing. First date- Bra shopping. And like most lingerie shops, this place has see-through dressing room curtains. But that doesn't matter, because she calls him over to check out her new panties/bra combo anyway. Man, I HATE presumptuous women!
After a few minutes, she dumps him because he's fat (or possibly because he makes girls do impromptu comedy routines in the supermarket.... and he lives with his mom). After she leaves there is nothing beautiful to look at on the screen anymore, and nobody cares how it ends.

Of course... beauty is on the inside.

This is the kind of movie that was made by a comedian, about a comedian, so that other comedians can watch it and go "Oh god, Frederick. That was just so true. So... true". I think old Jewish mothers are going to love this movie, since he really does love his mom and her cooking. Unfortunately, when you're drinking beer, you don't want a movie talking about bad eating habits. So instead, rent "The Never Ending Story" and get s six pack, then cry yourself to sleep in a fetal position.

FINAL SCORE- One and a half bottles of beer on the wall.

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