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As long as we're on the topic of fight movies, let's look at Warrior. Have you ever wanted to face off against your ultimate opponent in the octagon? Have you ever felt the need to grapple closely with other men? Do you often look into the distance with a weary mind? Like Scotch? Then you might be in the mood for this movie.

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An angry, unstable alcoholic decides he wants to get back into fighting, so he goes to his alcoholic dad to ask if he can train him alcoholically, all while drinking alcohol. The dad, played by Nick Nolte, who always looks like he's recovering from a hangover, promises to train him only if the son gives him all his drugs.
Please let a movie with both of you be made.
Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a friendly, family-oriented high school physics teacher also decides he wants to get back into fighting to make money. Bills just keep piling up and his daughters want expensive things like toys and food. After a small-time fight for a couple hundred bucks, he gets suspended without pay from his school. This sucks, so he goes full time into training with his smarmy looking friend, Franky the Finger. Or something.
Eh, Alfredo! You put da bodies in da trunk?

The plucky boys slowly fight their way to the top, getting a chance at a huge, UFC type fight, until they are the only two standing. The kicker? Wait for it.
THEY'RE BROTHERS! ... Ak-ward!

Ok, I really like UFC. And I'm guessing anyone who does will like this movie at least for the fighting, which is pretty well done. The rest of the movie revolves around the dad, who's been sober "1000 God Damn Days" trying to reconcile with his two boys, while the brothers try to reconcile with each other, all while trying to reconcile with their past demons. So feel free to get yourself a beer during those scenes.

If you've watched any real UFC fight, you'll notice that with a beating like they show in the movie, there would be a lot more blood. It's strange how in fight movies, no matter how beat up a boxer gets, he never bleeds profusely. Just kind of swells up and trickles blood.
Movie.                  Movie.                  Movie


Overall this is a pretty good film as far as fight films go. Some parts dragged a little, and there was a whole story about one brother being a mysterious war hero that kind of went nowhere, but not enough to keep a fight fan from watching this.

FINAL SCORE- Three and a half bottles of ice cold beer to hold against your bruised face.

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