Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Real Steel

Fighting has always been a popular movie topic. Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III and others prove that. Fighting robots, however... now there's a movie that's only ever been talked about in dark circles of studio execs. The time is here, my friends, to indulge in metal-on-metal action!

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Hugh Jackman is a down and out former boxer, who somehow got into the world of robot boxing. It's the UFC of the future. Hugh is nowhere near the top, though. He ends up losing a low paying fight against a rodeo bull to that dude with a weird mouth from one of the X-men films.
Seriously, WTF?
This is right before old Hugh finds out he has to take care of the 11 year old kid he abandoned, 11 years ago. Together, they find a beat up old robot in a junk yard. It's a tough old bot, and Hugh teaches him how to box, while young Aniken...i mean, the boy teaches him how to dance. People eat this shit up. Two giant robots fighting? Forget it. But you put a kid and robot together dancing, and people pay good money to watch that.
As is expected, the plucky group rises to the top of the robot fighting circuit, which ultimately ends in the title fight against a rich Russian chick, and her Japanese nerd/super-cool otaku partner. What will happen? I guess you'll just have to watch and find out.

First of all, it's the future, I guess, since dates are mentioned several times  (Oh, that robot came out in 2013). But other than the robots, nothing at all looks even slightly futuristic. Ok, maybe Hugh Jackman's phone looks like an iPhone 5.
Actually, it's just an iPhone 4S2

The robots are pretty cool though. They range from the junky old ATOM which Hugh fights with, to the sleek and shiny ZEUS, which is the champion bot. However, none of the robots resembled actual robots that we have today.
We're still actually waiting for one of these robots to come out.

Also, the kid wasn't as annoying as some child actors. But two points:
One: Side by side, when wearing a tank top, the kid comes off a lot more redneck than Hugh Jackman.
Mutant beater / wife beater
And Two: There was a scene where the robot picked the boy up in his arms, and they looked into each others eyes. The boy thinks he sees some kind of intelligence behind those eyes. But really, it just looked like they were about to kiss.

Probably the most romantic scene between a child and a robot since Space Camp.
"Close the door! Close the door!"
Overall, though, this was a pretty good popcorn movie. Robot on robot action, the love between a man and a young boy, fighting for money. Good for the whole family.

FINAL SCORE- Three bottles of beer, and a can of motor oil.

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